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  Fees at Snip (updated again)
06/29/2004 01:00:00, Korba

From July 10th for each successful shot a small fee will be collected. Each hit, ie. the shot that wins your auction, will cost 0.60 Polish zloty (~0.19 US$, ~0.15 EURO). All unsuccessful shots will remain free regardless of the reason for their failure or their number and frequency. Additionally, every new user (and all current registered users, of course) will get 5 free hits to let you try out Snip without any risk or expense. Fees will affect successful shots that are made as of July 10. 2004, 00:00:00 CEST (July 9. 22:00:00 GMT, July 9. 15:00:00 PDT)

Update (06/30/2004)

For more than two and half years Snip was free. This doesn't of course mean that it didn't generate any costs - they were simply covered by myself. But as Snip grows and therefore its costs grow with it, I'm no longer able to pay all the bills. And my financial limitations cause functional limitations of Snip. Half a year ago I had to set the limit of the concurrent shots that every week causes rejections of more than 3000 shots you'd like to schedule.

I have always treated Snip as my hobby, not as a "e-commerce business". And I want this relationship to stay this way. However, most of all I want Snip to work and develop flawlessly. I know my decision is hard and many of you may dislike it. I just hope you will understand me. If I sold Snip to a commercial company aimed for profits (I had some offers), payments would appear sooner or later and for sure the fees would be much higher. I don't need to employ secretaries or a whole marketing department, so costs are kept to a minimum.

Some technical details: you can purchase hits using a credit card or making a money transfer. For now, however, we only have a Polish bank account for money transfers, which makes this way available to Polish residents only (international transfers tend to be very expensive). I will try to establish an account within the EU soon. If you know of a bank in the EU (and in the English/German language zone - Great Britain, Germany, Austria) that is "Internet-friendly ", supports international transfers and that you'd like to recommend, please let us know. Payments by credit card are available worldwide. Details about payments are described in the help section. You can check your account status at My Snip / Account page. Finally, you can purchase snipes here. As a reward for those of you who trust us the most all payments made prior to July 10th will be rewarded with 20% bonus - for every 5 hits purchased you'll get 1 free. Thereafter, the regular bonus will be 10%.

All of you who will continue using Snip, please accept my thanks for your trust. I promise to do my best to keep Snip developing and placing your bids with the highest precision possible.

  1. Credit Card payments are working now.
  2. Some of you wrote to us with the information, that after Poland has joined European Union, money transfers from EU members to Poland are no longer expensive, even free in some on-line banks! Please check it with your bank. Our bank of course accepts any kind of international transfer in any currency. I recommend this method of payment to all of you living in the EU!

Thank you and good luck,
Piotr Korba Tomczyk

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