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Why use Snip?

There are many advantages of using Snip. This is because people, if they bid "by hand", usually don't enter their maximum amount right away. It is a very simple psychology. And if someone is outbid 5 seconds before auction is closed, he/she has no chance to rebid, even if he/she was ready to pay more than he/she originally planned.

Moreover, it is proven good practice not to show your interest in a particular item as long as you can. People usually tend to let themselves be lead by others: "I don't have time checking dozens of similar items, if somebody bid on this one, it must be the good one."

Showing your offer too early, simply gives others enough time to bid more and more just to outbid you, even if they didn't want to pay as much as you at the beginning ("Heck, I'll give this $5 more...")

Here's an example: If you wanted to pay $50 for an item and placed your offer early, and the other bidder wants the same item for, say, $45, he/she bids $45. Realizing he/she is automatically outbid, this person still has the time to decide to bid $55! Because you really want that that item, you then end up bidding $60. And so on. This is called "bidding war", and this is what snipers let you avoid. If you schedule your bid with Snip, the person puts $45 and sees no need to react because during the whole auction time, nothing happens from your side...until the very last moment before the auction closes when Snip puts in your $50.

To make a long story short: It's all about keeping the price down. Snip is an excellent tool for this purpose.

Snip lets you save time:
You don't have to wait at your computer for the end of each auction. You do not even have to start your computer. Day or the night, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, Snip shoots at the appointed time.

Snip lets you save money:
Snip is a cold professional. You set the maximum price. Snip never loses control raised the bid by five dollars, exceeding your original limit. You also save dial-up fees.

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