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Snip is an on-line Auction Sniper. It can help you win any auction on any eBay worldwide. Automatically, in the last seconds, just before auction ends.

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Users' Feedback

I've been using Snip for over 2 years now, and I love it. You have to change your mindset to a new way of bidding. Having watched auctions go way above the new retail price, I realised that you have to decide what your absolute maximum price is that you want to pay, and Snip It at that price - no more! Go away and stop stressing yourself over the auction. Snip will either win it at the last few seconds, at or below your maximum, or you'll be beaten by a price you weren't prepared to pay. It's a win - win - win way of bidding on eBay. (And a lot less stressful too).

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