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How does Snip work?

Place Snip operates on an Internet server which is totally independent of your computer.
Operation time Snip runs continuously - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You do not have to be connected to Snip, eBay or Allegro, or even have your computer on.
Shots times Snip server is connected to the Internet by a fast and stable line. The time it takes to place a shot is determined mainly by the current load on the network to which Allegro or eBay is connected. Your connection speed has no effect.
Shooting method When shooting, Snip simulates an ordinary web browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. Snip looks to the auction service like a bidder signing in, entering the necessary information and pressing Bid button. However, all this is done automatically.
Checking the closing date before the shot Snip does not check whether auction has been prolonged before it places the shot.

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