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What is a shot group?

Imagine that you want to buy a new hard disk for your computer. You search for one at auction service and find that there are plenty of them from different sellers, at different prices, ending at different time. Do you set a shot for each auction and remove it after one item is won? But what if you forgot to do so and you win five items? If you need to track your bids yourself, what is the purpose of Snip?

Shot groups solve this problem. You select the auctions in which you are interested, decide how many items you wish to buy (it can be more than one) and let Snip do the rest. After winning the desired number of items Snip will cancel all pending shots from that group automatically.

WARNING! Shot groups are a powerful tool for the advanced Sniper. Before you start using groups, please read all the information about how groups work. Your nerves are at risk.

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