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  EBay shot limit
12/09/2003 18:09:15, Korba (

Due to Snip overload I had to limit the number of the concurrent eBay shots.

The problem is that eBay sellers that use the option enabling them to set the specific auction ending time, often choose full hour (i.e. 20:00:00) or full quarters (20:15:00, 20:30:00 or 20:45:00). So sometimes number of shots scheduled 4-8 seconds before such hour exceeds 200. This is more than Snip can handle. And as the result shots end up with "Too late" error. And not only shots scheduled for that hour but also the following ones, as 200 concurrent shots can hang Snip server for 2 minutes.

I'm sorry, but as I want to keep shots quality, I need to limit the number of the concurrent shots. The scheduling rule is simple - if limit is reached, Snip won't let you schedule the shot. So if you want to bid on auction closing Sunday at x:00:00, set your shot as soon as possible, before other users do it.

This is not the final and permanent solution. As soon as I can (read: as my budget permits) I will try to buy additional, more efficient server. I will also observe how Snip is doing under this limit and increase it if possible.

I'm sorry for all inconvenience this may cause to you. Please believe me - without this limit your shot would not succeed either. More over, the following shots of other users would also fail.

Of course if you wish to donate to Snip 4 x Xeon III 1000, 2 GB RAM or better (now Snip is 2 x Xeon III, 1 GB RAM), you are more than welcome :-)

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