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Snip is an on-line Auction Sniper. It can help you win any auction on any eBay worldwide. Automatically, in the last seconds, just before auction ends.

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Users' Feedback

I used to be one of these "smart" eBayers who used stopwatch in order to bid last seconds before the end. It cost me a lot of adrenaline, the feeling of heart bit rising about 1 minute before the end of an auction. Once I have even managed to place a bid at 0 seconds! It all also depends on the speed of the connection at that moment, my PC, etc. Unfortunately I have also lost a few items, which went quite low, but I was too late, by this fracture of a second, by that program on my PC that decided to look for something on the Net and slowed my bid down! Now it is different. I put my bid a day before and just simply wait for the email that I have won the auction (and if not, it was too expensive, anyway). All that easy! Great service at the bargain price!

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