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Information about PolCard

At Snip, we want to process your credit cards transactions as smoothly and securely as possible. That is why we use PolCard

Established in December 1990, PolCard is the leading debit and credit card merchant transaction acquirer and processor company in Poland, with a nationwide retail network of 34,000 point-of-sale terminals and well-established relationships with many of the country's leading card-issuing banks and financial institutions. PolCard has been providing comprehensive payment card issuing services since 1993 and the ATM management services since 1997.

PolCard is a joint-stock company. Its current shareholders are GTECH Corporation (62,8%), Innova Capital (36,9%) and the Polish Banks Association (0,3%).

PolCard accepts payments made with the following types of credit cards: VISA, MASTERCARD, DINERS CLUB and JCB.

To provide maximum security, all transactions are conducted using 128-bit SSL protocol. Snip does not have access to nor store your credit card numbers. PolCard only sends us an approval or disapproval.

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