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How to interpret the result of a shot?

  • Target hit - Your bid was placed successfully and is now the highest offer. If you, however, didn't win this item, you can follow "ask for refund" link to file a complaint.
  • Offer too low - Your bid was too low or automatically outbid by someone offered the same or higher bid earlier. Please remember that even if your offer was higher than the winning bid, it could be too low. It means your offer didn't was high enough to fit service's bid increments rules. Please refer to service's help for explanation on bid increments amounts.
  • Too late - The auction closed before Snip's bullet hit the target... Consider setting a longer shot buffer next time. It may also mean that the auction was closed early, either by the seller or service staff (you may check this date on the item description page), or that shot was too late because of network overload.
  • Auth. error (Authentication error) - Either the user ID or password you provided for this auction service is invalid. You should correct them on the eBay Settings or Allegro Settings page. It may also mean that your auction service account has been suspended.
  • Cancelled - your shot was cancelled ether by one of your actions (with Conditional Bids) or after limit within the Shot Group was reached.
  • Black list - It appears that the seller doesn't want to trade with you... Try contacting the seller directly to resolve this problem for future shots.
  • Invalid quantity - The quantity you offered was invalid. This error occurred because the seller set the maximum quantity lower than one in your offer.
  • Country error - You are registered in a country to which the seller doesn't ship.
  • Buying limit - Your Buying Activity Limit was reached. To waive it, auction service may ask you for an additional verification.
  • Network error - Snip was unable to connect to the auction service's server.
  • System error - An unrecoverable error occurred. The shot could not be placed due to a technical problem other than a network error
  • Other error - An error occurred at the auction service that Snip cannot resolve.

Note: this result is only preliminary. Please check the item's description page for definitive results.

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