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What information can I find on the scheduled shot list?

There you may find the following information:

In the first row:

  • The name of the auction you have chosen. This is also a direct link to the auction where you can check the state of the auction. If you choose (in your settings) to see item ID on the list, item ID will be shown as well.
  • Your auction service's ID that will be used with this shot.
In the second row:
  • Shot group for this bid (if you chose one).
  • The amount of your bid.
  • The number of items you wish to buy (applicable only to Dutch auctions).
  • The minimum bid. Snip-Observer refreshes this information periodically (once, twice a day).
  • Shot buffer in seconds.
  • Time left. If you put mouse cursor over this filed, shot date will be show.
  • Icons:
    - change shot settings
    - manage shot actions
    - cancel the shot

The shot list can be sorted by time remaining, auction name, auction service's ID, or by the group name. Simply click the appropriate header.

If the icon precedes the auction name, Snip-Observer suspects that your price bid will be too low or that the auction has closed. Check auction web page and either modify your bid or delete the shot.

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