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What are the rules of the Affiliate Program?

Rules for posting Affiliate Program links

  • Do not spam! This rule applies to the e-mail usage and to all other forms of the publishing as well, including e.g. news groups. Once again, learn it by heart: do not spam!
  • Do not post Affiliate Program links at the pages that:
    • contain pornography or any other obscene or vulgar (including verbal) contents,
    • spread prejudice, discrimination, or ethnoviolence against anyone,
    • contain political propaganda,
    • advertise or are connected with any unfair/fraudulent business (e.g. MLM systems) or any prohibited activity (e.g. software piracy).

    We reserve right for the ultimate interpretation whether particular page contains or not any of mentioned elements. In case of any doubts, please contact us before you post the link on the page.

    Internet is free, we fully agree to this. We can't stop you from producing web pages with such contents. It is your right. However, we definitely don't want to be connected with them. It is our right.

  • Affiliate Program link must open Snip page in the same browser window and it must not be a frame. Using so called pop-up or pop-under windows is forbidden.
  • Affiliate Program link must be honestly described (it can't pretend it links somewhere else) and can only be activated by user's aware action. Automatic redirection is forbidden with the exception for the situation that link leads to e.g. click-counter script which then redirects user to the Snip page.
Violation of any of these rules may result not only in excluding user from the Affiliate Program but even in suspending the Snip account as well. Please remember that honesty and respect count the most for us.

Rules for accepting a new user as referred by you

In general, user referred by you is one who comes to the Snip web site by special address, described here, and then registers. It doesn't matter whether it is done by clicking a link or by typing address by hand. What matters is fulfilling at least one of the following conditions:

  • User must accept a cookie (that identifies the referrer) from the Snip page and must register with Snip within 24 hours.
  • or

  • User must enter referrer's Snip login at the registration form.
This is the one and only way the new user is counted as referred by you. There is no other way. We do not make any referrals by hand. Sorry, no exceptions.

Rule for crediting a free hit for the referrer

  • At the moment of the appropriate hit (10th, 20th, 30th and so on), but before the fee is charged, user that scheduled a bid must have non-negative balance on her/his Snip account.
If, at the moment of the placing bid, bidder's balance is negative (that is: it was negative before bid was placed), free hit for the referrer vanishes and it is irreversible. Unfortunatelly it is necessary to avoid the abuse. Sorry, no exceptions.

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