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Snip It! button for Internet Explorer browser (Windows)
Version 2.0

  • How do I install the Snip It! button?
    1. If you have Snip It! button version 1.0 installed, uninstall it first (see instruction below).
    2. Download and run snipit2-en.exe.
    3. Launch Internet Explorer browser.
    4. If button doesn't appear on the toolbar, aside Tabs bar, check that:
      1. Command Toolbar is visible (View -> Toolbars -> Command bar).
      2. Snip It! button is enabled (Tools -> Manage Add-ons -> somewhere at the bottom of the list).
      3. Snip It! button is high enough on the list to appear on the bar (Tools [the one at the Command bar, not in the main menu] -> Toolbars -> Customize...). Select Snip It! button from the available toolbar buttons list and add it to the current toolbar buttons list. Use the Move Up and Move Down buttons to change Snip It! button's position.
    5. Done! Enjoy it!
    6. Note: Windows XP has a pop-up blocking feature enabled by default. To override it keep "Ctrl" key ("Ctrl" and "Alt" keys simultaneously in some cases) pressed while clicking Snip It! button.

  • How do I uninstall the Snip It! button?
      Go to Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs, select Snip It! button for and press Change/Remove button.

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